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We know juggling retirement plan responsibilities isn't the only part of your job, but you are in the position to have a major impact on your employees' futures. We believe it's through YOU that together we can improve retirement for everyone. Our proven plan sponsor connection process provides unbiased information and independent resources for plans of any size. We hand-select vetted industry leaders capable of answering the questions that matter most to your specific concerns. Taking the first step through our complimentary Connect Portal puts plan sponsors on the path toward better retirement management and participant outcomes for all.

  1. Schedule your introductory call through the Plan Sponsor Connect Portal

  2. Customize your evaluation with a preliminary questionnaire

  3. Receive a no-obligation initial phone consultation to set up your personalized plan review

  4. We’ll match you with an expert Advisor in your area for a complimentary evaluation tailored to your plan needs


The 3rd Edition of the Retirement Plan Roadshow Plan Sponsor Survey is intended to serve as an invaluable resource for beginner-to-advanced plan sponsors, 401(k) ‘geeks,’ and anyone else looking to identify trends and market changes.

This free downloadable resource is collection of data from 1432 retirement plan sponsor respondents who volunteered to participate in our nationwide survey, including:

• Summary of Respondents

• Fiduciary Training

• Topics of Interest

• Searches and Hires

• Time Since Last RFP

• Evaluating or Adding Investments

• Plan Sponsors Questions from 2018


Have you established a retirement plan committee? Do you struggle with what your committee should review during meetings? There can be an overwhelming number of items to discuss during a meeting, especially when getting started.

Best Practices for Establishing Your Retirement Plan Committee:

  1. A committee member should typically come from senior Human Resources, Finance, Operations, and Business Owners.

  2. The committee should be made up of three or five members (better to have odd numbers for voting decisions).

  3. Once the committee is established, it is important that the committee meets at least quarterly and has a documented decision-making process.

Use this checklist at your next retirement plan committee meeting.



Get equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to create better retirement plan outcomes for your company and employees. Our premium online courses and tools for 401(k), 403(b) and Defined Benefit Plans are:

‣ Taught by master-class instructors

‣ Trusted and certified for CE credit

‣ Accessible and prudent

‣ Top-rated nationwide